I’m 26, and recently graduated with an MA in Eighteenth-Century Worlds from the University of Liverpool. Before that, I studied for a BA in English Literature at the same university.

For my BA dissertation, I wrote about theatre in the novels of Virginia Woolf, and for my MA dissertation I wrote about catholicism in the novels of Frances Burney. I’m probably going to pursue the latter subject at doctoral level.

In the mean time, however, I’m a freelance writer who specialises in cultural topics. If it happened in the western world in the last 500 years, I can write about it. I’ve had an article in The Independent and I’m currently freelancing for The Culture Trip.

I also write, and inhale, novels.


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  1. I just read and enjoyed your article “10 Young Americans Change the Face of American Poetry” and liked your choices. Here’s a challenge: how about “10 Not-So-Young Americans Change the Face of American Poetry”? Like a number of poets I was not able to get deeply into writing until the demands of career and child-rearing abated, but there are a lot of us out there writing strong work and taking risks and being published as widely as the poets you cover here. We may not look as good in the author photos, but we are doing important even exciting, even ground-breaking work! Thanks for considering it. Rebecca Foust,

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