Well my first article was published earlier this week in the independent. I’m obviously very happy about this, even if it was a divisive issue, a response to which was near impossible to articulate in a mere 600 words. I think I did ok. I’d probably add an extra line if I could to say that it’s not just one massive attack on Michael Rosen, which I think some people took it for. Nor do I think that Sajid Javid will make a particularly good culture secretary. But my main point stands; that much of the criticism was snobbish, and the assertion at the heart of the piece, that a culture secretary had to have been immersed in the arts industries their whole life is piffle. 

I’ve been spending much of the past few days, when not drafting a novel, reading, or working on my MA dissertation proposal, thinking about what to pitch next. I’m quite conscious that once you have something published, it’s a foot in the door, and something that needs to be capitalised upon. I also need to think about what I’ll restrict myself to in the future. Possibly the arts and politics, as that’s what I know the most about. 

Now you might say, doesn’t that refute your point about Javid? Well, not particularly. Government isn’t writing. Government is primarily administration.